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Sleep – Finally!

Niacinamide for sleep

I woke up this morning after having such a great night’s sleep, so I wanted to let others know what has finally worked for me in my quest to find that elusive rest that gets harder and harder to find. I’ve had a sleeping problem for years, in fact, I had to quit teaching because my lack of sleep was causing me to not be able to deal efficiently with stress which in turn caused health problems.  I would finally fall asleep around 4:00 am only to have my alarm go off at 6:00am.  This would happen three or four nights a week. Ugh! Even after I stopped teaching, I had trouble sleeping.  Some nights I wouldn’t sleep at all, and then the day would be wasted because I couldn’t function well with sleep deprivation.

I didn’t feel comfortable using prescription drugs, but tried over-the-counter sleep aids as well as natural cures. The over-the-counter sleep aids worked a little, but my mind was very foggy the next morning, plus I found out they aren’t very good the brain.  The natural cures from essential oils or herbs in capsule form brought some relief, but never consistent results.  I made sure I got adequate levels of vitamin D, but still wasn’t sleeping well.

I added a magnesium supplement and had good results, but then as I was discussing sleep with a friend – a common topic with my age group – she mentioned that she started using niacinamide instead of her prescription sleeping pills and had great results.  Even though I thought I was getting good results with magnesium, I figured I would also give niacinamide a try.  After it built up in my system, which took about a week, I started sleeping like a baby.  I had forgotten how wonderful it was to wake up rested after a deep sleep.  I am so grateful. Every so often now, even with magnesium and niacinamide, I have a hard time sleeping and realize it’s because my stomach is upset from something I ate, but that’s a whole other topic.

I am not a health professional and am not making any health claims.  I just wanted to let others know what finally helped me. Niacin is vitamin B3 and will cause hot flushes, so I use the form called niacinamide which is non-flushing.   As with any supplement, be sure to do your research before taking it. People with some medical conditions shouldn’t use it.

If you try niacinamide, let me know if it brings you the same sleep relief I am experiencing.  I know that our bodies are different and what works for some people won’t work for others, but the sleep problems are real.  What works for you?