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Gum Wall - Seattle, Washington

Bye Bye Gum Wall

Gum Wall - Seattle. WA

The iconic gum wall next to Pike Place Market, a disgustingly cool gum composition, is now history because apparently the sugar in the gum ate away at the bricks.  For years happy tourists and locals alike added their chewed up gum to the wall, many of them taking pictures next to their proud addition to the iconic gum artwork.

But don’t be downcast, don’t cancel your travel plans to visit Seattle because officials tell us gum can be added again to the famous wall now that steam has cleaned off the 20 year accumulation.  I think a plan is in order this time.  Artists could copy famous paintings on the bricks, then the gum chewers could put their gum on the designated places in the wall that match the color they’re chewing.  It could become a famous gum mosaic.  A Van Gogh fan myself, I would like to see Starry, Starry Night reproduced in gum. It could be a whole new business for an enterprising shop in Pike Place to sell gum in the specific colors needed to complete the gum mosaic masterpieces. It could be a great ongoing fundraiser for many organizations including The Society for Brick Preservation.  Okay, I just made that name up,  I’m not aware of that society yet, but it might be out there somewhere. The newly formed School of Mosaic Gum Art could be in charge of making the outlines of the giant-sized interactive color book . Student assignments could include periodic policing of the artwork to move errant placed gum colors to their proper locations in the pictures.

The possibilities for making the new gum wall even more famous than before are endless.  Maybe this is the perfect time to buy stock in a gum company.  Or maybe, I should start a gum company making unique, artistic gum colors with a sugar substitute that doesn’t destroy the brick.  I would call it Van Gogh Art Gum.  I can see it now – beautiful gum mosaic masterpieces imitated all over the world.  The demand for Van Gogh gum would skyrocket and fund my retirement.

Chew on gum lovers and artists, chew on.

Coffee and Tea Drinkers – A Contrast

Often, I go to coffee shops to write.  Today as I sit in one of my favorite coffee shops, I ponder the difference between coffee and tea drinkers.  I offer my thoughts on the subject.

From my experience coffee drinkers can’t start their day without their morning cuppa Joe. For some, it’s a whole pot of coffee! There are rules one must abide by when interacting with a coffee drinker. Most importantly, one must not try to have meaningful conversation with a coffee drinker until after the first cup. Another rule is that for true coffee connoisseurs, only the personal favorite brand, brewing method, temperature, etc. is allowable. Some lightweight coffee drinkers will only drink the brew in the morning to get them going or as a social drink later on. Many coffee participants have to be careful about the caffeine content and so will go to decaf later in the day. To serious coffee drinkers, this is unacceptable! Coffee without caffeine is not true coffee and should not be tolerated by any trained coffee lover. Pity the poor soul who thinks this is an acceptable option.

On the other hand, tea drinkers drink tea in the mornings mainly for the soothing flow of hot flavored liquid felt as it goes down the throat all the way to the stomach. It’s not so much of a caffeine thing as it is habitual comfort. A serious tea drinker can be just as much a snob about particular teas and brewing methods as a coffee drinker. The morning coffee rule does not apply to tea drinkers. You may talk to them whenever you want. Serious tea drinkers are more open to non caffeine alternatives than coffee drinkers because the primary reason for the tea is the comfort of the tea flow through the body. Herbal teas are an acquired taste, but are acceptable as a late night option or the only option for those staying away from caffeine.

There is a third group of conflicted souls. These are the coffee/ tea drinkers. They clearly love coffee and need it in the morning, but because of the caffeine sensitivity thing, and knowing the decaf is not an option, they have adapted to tea later in the day. I admire these people the most. They have made the switch the other side instead of settling for an inferior product. Bravo!

I probably should acknowledge a fourth group of people who actually like coffee and tea equally.  These are people who make good friends. They are usually very agreeable and get along with most everyone.

To coffee and tea lovers everywhere – enjoy!