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True Confessions

5K5A7724 profile picI didn’t always love history.  I sat through high school and college history classes unimpressed.  The teachers presented facts and dates with no clear love for the subject, and there was nothing to capture my imagination.  Occasionally we would watch low quality reel to reel movies with the loud click, click, click as a constant background noise. These were momentarily interesting, but left no lasting impression. I remembered history information only long enough to pass the tests and then didn’t think about it again.

My creative mind was longing for an outlet as I sat listening to the lectures, so I would doodle to pass the time.  During one of my doodling sessions, I decided to use my right hand because my left hand tired. I entertained myself by trying to write the alphabet.  Day after day my right-handed practice would continue until soon I could write quite fluidly with either hand.  I can’t remember much about my high school history classes, but I can still write with either hand which helped many times while teaching.

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that my thoughts on history changed as I  listened to a man lecturing about American history.  I prepared for the usual boring events and dates by getting ready to doodle, but the teacher riveted my attention as he shared story after story about real people who had courage and conviction. His knowledge and passion poured out through his animated voice. His historical stories intrigued me, and I wanted to know more.

History came alive for me that day. Has it come alive for you? Are you bored with history or love it? My captivation of history keeps increasing, and through this blog my goal is to inspire you to want to learn more. Come spy with me!

Or, you could always teach yourself to write with your other hand.